UK straight male escort

First off  all a little about me….  i’m dan, a independent straight male escort throughout the united kingdom. located in stoke on trent, staffordshire, england,  i am 5″11 in height, brown eyes, natural olive skin, slim, half italian, and extremely fit and healthy, besides that i’m very professional and good at what i do, so i take being a male escort very serious indeed. Before becoming a male escort i was in a managing role in the construction industry working for various companies across the uk. So right now at this point if i had a secret camera on everyone’s face, you would all have a slight smile right about now, see i told you i was good with people, ( ha ha )  you’re all thinking how do you transition from being a construction manager to becoming a male escort, and if i can answer your question with one answer it’s called being a nice, honest, genuine, gentleman with manners, it’s really that simple. I’m natural around people and just know to talk but also make someone feel comfortable straight away, that is my natural ability as a me ‘ dan ‘ the real person, and please note very importantly not as a male escort. So i’ve been  male escorting for 20 years now and can honestly say i love what i do so so much,  I’m very much an outdoor person with a love of all types of adventure activities such as walking, biking, running and mountain climbing. Anything to do with the outdoors that’s me, very much an adventurer and explorer. Besides that i practice yoga and body toning exercising.

I’m a high class straight male escort for dinner dates and time for you to relax, but more importantly to provide you with a first class service at all times.

I offer a highly private and confidential, but very discreet male escort service for women and ladies. I’m polite and considerate along with that something special that sets me apart from other male escorts, i’m 100% genuine, and honest.

I aim to make things as simple as possible for you to find the perfect male companion, Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about my male escort services, or you have any particular requirements in mind.

i look forward to hearing from you….


  • Dinner, drinks, and some good conversation
  • i’m only a phone call away, so what are you waiting for, call me
  • a friend who you can rely on, and talk to about everything
  • personal safety and protection for you at all times
  • think of me more as your own personal friend
  • any questions you have about me or my services, please just ask

Please feel free to contact me anytime by phone, email or message
name - Dan
tel - 01782 938817
mob - 07808 855647
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