As a woman seeking a gentleman for company or companionship? I’m very kind, respectful and protective with special attention to detail. I will provide you with undivided attention at all times, if you need to talk about anything, or there is something you want to get of your chest, i am always here for you. I sell myself as your male companion to provide you with companionship, safety and personal protection at all times.

i am not just a male escort for company and companionship, the word male escort is a phrase that’s all, you have to look beyond that word to understand the services i offer as a male escort, or personal assistant is such a more gentle phrase to use. whether that’s a business / personal assistant. i provide services that relieve him or her from the stress of tasks that are associated with managing one’s personal and / or business life. i can assist with a variety of life management tasks, including running errands, arranging travel (e.g., travel agent services such as purchasing airline tickets, reserving, hotel rooms and rental cars, and arranging all activities, as well as handling more localized services such as (paying bills, and shopping, ( meal planning, remembering special occasions like birthdays, etc, ) now we understand a little more about me and the services i can offer you. xx

I am available for companionship for any length of time, from an hour, or a full day to a whole week, a whole month even, I can travel worldwide with you, so if you are looking to explore another town or city.

Although there is still a social stigma attached to that terrible word ( male escorts ),  I think that the most important aspects of providing quality male companionship is often overseen which is such a shame.

If you have any questions regarding me, or the services i offer as a male escort, please just ask and I will respond in the first instance to your email.

Your safety and discretion is of the utmost importance. Our time together is strictly confidential and you will be treated with highest of respect.

Remember – you are in complete control during our time together!!!

Please feel free to contact dan anytime by phone, email or message.

Please feel free to contact me anytime by phone, email or message
name - Dan
tel - 01782 938817
mob - 07808 855647
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