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hi’ I’m Dan, a straight male escort for company and companionship throughout Stirling . I pride myself on providing a highly private and confidential  male escort service for ladies and women in and around Stirling

i’m 47 years of age, 5″11 in height, with black hair, slim, with a very well toned physique and take fitness very seriously,  i’m what you call an explorer and adventurer so absolutely love the great outdoors. i’ve been  male escorting clients for the last 15 years, and i can honestly say with a passion i’ve loved every second of it.

what i can do for you then, there is only so much you can write on paper, so what i will say is that i am more than your typical male escort. I always get asked the same question, why and how did i become to be a male escort and the reason is because i was wanted to help people in whatever way possible, so as a kid growing up i would  ask my neighbours and family friends if there was anything i could do for them, whether that was running errands, shopping, gardening or even washing their car. It was never ever about money, even though they paid me which was a bonus,  it was always about the sociable companion side of it with me talking and making people smile and just generally seeing people having a good time, yes i am a male escort now, more to come shortly…..

so i really hope you understand a little more about me now, and what i can do for you.

If you are in Stirling and would like the company of a straight male escort / companion for companionship, then please feel free to get in touch.


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